5/22/15 WOD- press, thruster, pull up



1. Be sure and sign up for the 3rd Elysium Nutrition Seminar on 6/6, from 1-4pm. 90% of your fitness is influenced by your diet, NOT your workout. There will be in-depth discussion of the science, psychology and practical advice of making dietary changes, and discussion of eating for performance vs health. Sign up on Mindbody under "seminars" today!

2. The next barbell seminar is 5/30 from 12-1:30pm. Sign up sheet is by the main whiteboard. Cost- 20$, FREE for barbell club members!

Warmup: CF x 1, 20 burpees

strength: press, establish 1RM


10 thruster, 95/65lb

10 pull ups

5 rounds for time.

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